Applying Innovation – Every year, Macton designs many new “firsts” in capacity, size, performance and control systems, delivering a fully-tested and well-thought-out product, not just a concept.

Engineering Design – Our AutoCAD and SolidWorks design capabilities allow us to model quickly, utilize our library of applications and subassemblies, and perform structural and dynamic analysis in virtual space. With a talented team of engineers and designers who combine creativity with a firm grounding in reality, our value to the customer is firmly established.

Manufacturing – All Macton products are fully fabricated, machined, assembled and tested in our U.S. manufacturing plant in Connecticut, with no first-time assembly or testing work being done in the field. In addition, all of our welders are AWS D1.1 qualified, with all welds checked by AWS certified welding inspectors. All of the parts we machine in-house on our CNC precision machining equipment, and all of the other steps in our manufacturing process, are controlled by our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system. Unlike some companies who are really buying foreign-made equipment from a Chinese or other overseas manufacturer and then doing the final assembly of the equipment in the U.S., all of our products are fully manufactured in the U.S., from the time we get in the raw steel in at our facility to the point in time when we are ready to ship the equipment out – this way we can ensure that all of our products are in fact quality-made products (something you can’t do if you are relying on overseas suppliers to build most of the equipment).

Testing – All Macton products are tested extensively at our facility before shipping. This pre-shipment testing is an important part in eliminating any unpleasant surprises at the job site and helps set Macton apart from most other suppliers in the industry.

Disassembly, Preparation and Shipping – After testing, Macton products are carefully match marked, disassembled and packed for shipping. Parts arrive at the job site in a logical, orderly manner, eliminating guesswork and last-minute invention.

Installation – A key part of our overall service, a Macton field engineer or technician is on site when your equipment is being installed and commissioned, so that they can personally supervise the installation of this equipment to ensure it is installed and operating properly.

Service and Support – The same exacting work that goes into quality installations also applies to parts and service over the extremely long life of Macton products. Our customer service department is committed to not only ensuring that downtime is minimized or eliminated, but also with providing the latest advances in appropriate product upgrades to all installations.