Tight spaces? Difficult to make a turn? High delivery volumes? Busy street? Macton loading dock turntables turn logistics and traffic nightmares into safe, efficient solutions for maneuvering in restrictive spaces. A Macton loading dock turntable can be installed in a new or existing loading dock on a level concrete slab with our new pitless design. No need to worry about your pit flooding and ruining your equipment.  With a low profile of less than 5 inches, a ramp surrounding the turntable can be provided to ease the transition.  Now, vehicle drivers will know exactly when all wheels are safely on the turntable.  Loading dock turntables are available up to 100 feet in diameter with 100,000 lbs capacity. Custom-designed turntables with larger diameters or higher-load capacities can also be provided. A modular design with minimal components allow for a quick and easy installation, lasting only 2-3 days for an average size loading dock turntable.

Faced with ever increasing challenges for effective space utilization and reduced operating costs, loading dock turntables offer architects and owners a proven solution to new money-saving design options. 



Turntable available in sizes ranging from 20’ to more than 100’

Turntable Height

Total height of the turntable is 4 ½” (as measured from floor level to the top of the turntable) – a small steel ramp surrounds the turntable to allow vehicles to easily move on and off – this allows the turntable to be installed without a pit (which avoids the need for expensive excavation,

construction of a concrete pit, drainage, civil engineering costs, etc.)

Deck Construction

Steel deck plate

Modular Sections

Turntable built in modular steel sections, allowing for a quick and reliable assembly of the

turntable at the jobsite, as well as for better control of the overall equipment quality


Steel wheels are tapered to roll with the curvature of the track, creating a smooth and quiet

operation, as well as low friction and wear for a long product life

Center Support

The center support consists of a main steel weldment with a large diameter bearing assembly,

which is designed to support both radial and axial loads

Access Hatches

Hatches are built into the deck to provide access to the wheels

Surface Finishes

Structure primed and deck finished with an elastomeric coating (Rhino Liner) to allow the

turntable to flex without easily flaking


Total Live Load Capacity

Will support and rotate a 100,000 lb. vehicle

Maximum Point Load

22,000 lbs. per vehicle axle anywhere on the turntable deck

Rotational Speed

One-half or one third of a revolution per minute (depending on turntable diameter); different

speeds available as an option

Drive Direction

Either clockwise or counter-clockwise (as desired)

Drive System

One (1) external drive (outside the turntable diameter) with positive mechanical engagement

and located in an auxiliary drive box


Motor Used

One (1) electric motor drives the turntable system; uses 480V, three-phase, 60Hz power

Control System

Wireless remote control provided, which provides ON/OFF, FWD/REV and variable speed control

UL Certified Electrical


All of the electrical panels are tested, certified and labeled to the UL 508A standard for industrial

control equipment


Quality Procedures

All materials and work done on the system are carefully monitored under an ISO 9001:2008 certified program and 100% designed and built in our facility in the U.S.; all welding is performed in accordance with ANSI/AWS Structural Welding Code D1.1 standards and is inspected and approved by a Certified Welding Inspector; these quality procedures and materials, along with Macton’s experienced workforce, ensure the turntable performs smoothly, quietly and reliably throughout the life of the facility; we strongly encourage you to visit one of our installations to

see first-hand the quality of a Macton turntable

Estimated Install Time

Installation of the equipment, using a two-man work crew for installation, typically takes about 2

days for smaller turntables (i.e., up to 40’ in diameter) and 3+ days for larger turntables

Warranty Period

5 years – the most extensive warranty in the industry

O&M Manual

Operation & Maintenance manual in English provided in electronic format

Ease of Maintenance

The turntable can be easily maintained without the need for third party maintenance support


Spare Parts

Spare parts available upon request (e.g., additional remote controls)