There are various Macton turntable-based systems for EMI/RFI and EMC testing. Encompassing both indoor and outdoor applications, systems have ranged up to 60 feet in diameter and 100-ton capacities with positioning accuracies to within thousandths of a degree. Each such system can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

EMI/RFI Test Equipment – There are many different types of Macton equipment systems to support EMI/RFI testing. For instance, at one facility, a 25-foot diameter Macton turntable with a capacity of 25,000 pounds for a fully automated EMI/RFI test facility with programmable turntable positioning, thereby dramatically increasing the testing efficiency of that facility. Note that construction and control requirements can be customized to meet the specific testing needs of each customer. In addition, we can produce other types of testing equipment, such as azimuth positioners to achieve remote control of equipment undergoing x-ray inspection, ultrasonic inspection, radar imaging or testing for electromagnetic compatibility.

EMC Test Equipment – There are many different types of Macton equipment systems to support EMC testing. In particular, there are various of turntables for EMC test facilities with diameters ranging between 6 to 60 feet and with capacities of up to 100 tons, each of which was custom engineered for the specific project in question – these systems generally are automated and have variable speed control capabilities and positioning accuracy of ±0.1° (or, if needed, positioning accuracy of ±0.001°), which allow for greater efficiency and accuracy in these testing facilities.

Antenna and Radar Profiling Test Equipment – There are many different types of Macton equipment systems to support antenna and radar profiling test equipment. In particular, there are many different kinds of Macton turntables for antenna and radar profiling of military vehicles and military equipment (again, with a wide range of turntable diameters and weight capacities) – each of these systems was custom engineered for the specific project in question. These systems generally are automated and have variable speed control capabilities and are capable of positioning accuracies to within thousandths of a degree.


Speeding Up Testing Process – The control equipment on these systems can be easily automated to minimize the handling time required for moving items efficiently through the testing process.

Decrease in Operating Costs – The automation of these systems reduces the manpower requirements that would otherwise be needed for these testing operations.

Long-Term Reliability – All of these systems are pre-assembled and tested in our manufacturing facility to ensure that all performance criteria have been met before they are shipped out to our customers. In addition, there is a special focus in the design, engineering and fabrication of these systems to ensure that they continue to run smoothly and reliably day in and day out for the years and decades to come – this has been proven out in the dozens of factory systems we have shipped out over the years.

Full Support Throughout Project – We provide full support throughout the entire project, beginning with the initial design of the system to be built, during which time our engineering staff interfaces with the manufacturer’s engineers and other professionals to provide the practical assistance and the detailed technical support needed to integrate its equipment into the overall facility.

Ease of Equipment Installation – We provide a specially-trained field engineer or technician to supervise the installation, start-up and commissioning of its equipment, ensuring that it is brought on-line quickly and delivers the expected performance.

Ongoing Post-Sale Support – We also provide long-term spare parts and technical support services. Long-term service contracts are also available for periodic inspection and maintenance programs, as well as training services, as needed. In addition, we provide customers with the ability to easily upgrade their control panels, drives and other systems to ensure they reflect the latest in technology.

Standard 2 Year Warranty – The equipment is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date it shipped from our facility.  Accordingly, during such 2-year period, we will repair or replace any such defective parts or equipment at our cost.  If required to trouble-shoot such equipment, we will provide the services of an onsite field service engineer, and if any such defects are found to exist, we will pay the labor and travel costs of such field service engineer.  This warranty is void if the equipment is installed without supervision by a company representative.  This warranty does not cover: (i) water damage, or damage due to chemical corrosion or from dirt or debris on or around the equipment, (ii) any damage caused by improper use or accident, or from the failure to perform the recommended periodic maintenance on the equipment, (iii) normal wear and tear, (iv) portions of the equipment repaired or modified by others without BBM’s prior written approval, or (v) any additional onsite labor, tools or equipment required for the inspection, removal and reinstallation of any parts of the equipment.


Customers who Purchased Macton EMI, RFI, EMC & Antenna/Radar-Profiling Test Turntables & Equipment – There are dozens of installations of Macton turntable-based testing systems, including the following:

SPAWAR Systems
Center Outdoor Antenna
Test Turntable for Military Vehicles Charleston, SC

NCR Comten, Inc.
10’ diameter turntable with 5,000 pound capacity with continuous ground plane for testing computer equipment
Blaine, MN

Wright-Patterson AFB
60’ diameter turntable with 135,000 pound capacity for radar profiling of full-sized military equipment
Dayton, OH

FT. Huachucha
60' diameter, 80 Ton capacity, antenna testing turntable for vehicle instrumented test range
FT. Huachucha, AZ

GE Medical Systems
8 meter diameter, 30,000 pound capacity turntable for EMI/RFI testing of medical equipment
Waukesha, WI

Adjustable diameter (10 meter / 3 meter) turntable for shielded EMI/RFI test chamber
Rochester, NY

Lockheed Martin
38’ diameter turntable for antenna testing on military vehicles
Owego, NY

25' diameter turntable for EMI/RFI testing
Oklahoma City, OK

*partial list