Periodic Maintenance Services Available
BBM Railway Equipment, LLC. offers comprehensive service contracts to all of its customers, on either an annual basis or multi-year basis, depending on the needs of its customers. In addition to these annual and multi-year service contracts, direct call-in support is also available for all BBM and Macton products as the need arises. The same experts that deliver systems for the world’s most demanding applications are directly responsible for periodic inspections, preventive maintenance and the installation of any required replacement parts and upgrade packages. This ensures not only the ongoing reliability of this equipment, but also that your BBM and Macton equipment can continue to be used productively for decades, as it was intended to be used.

Specific Inspection and Maintenance Procedures

  • Comprehensive Procedures/Checklists Followed – All equipment inspections and maintenance procedures are carried out in a comprehensive manner by BBM Railway Equipment, LLC. field engineers and technicians who carry out a pre-determined set of testing and maintenance procedures (including the operational testing of the equipment, periodic mechanical and electrical adjustments, the lubrication of key components and other necessary procedures).

  • Detailed Checklist of Procedures Customized to Specific Equipment – All procedures are specifically tailored to the specific piece of equipment being inspected or maintained – for example, in the case of inspection and maintenance procedures on a shallow-pit vehicle lift system, we have developed a 28-page checklist that is tailored to that specific system (which includes literally hundreds of specific items unique to that system that are required to be covered) – on the other hand, for the inspection of truck turntable systems (which are simpler in design than hoists), we have developed a 6-page checklist of items to cover, all of which are specifically tailored to the unique needs of those systems.

  • Scheduling of Work – Inspections and maintenance procedures can be scheduled to seek to reduce the downtime of equipment during peak customer operating periods.

  • Work Done by BBM’s Own Trained Personnel – All work done on your systems is performed by one of our own specially-trained field engineers – we don’t outsource this work to third party service organizations who may not be as familiar with your systems.

  • Reports on Work Done – Written reports on the results of each such inspection are provided to the customer’s operations personnel, and in the event that BBM has any recommendations of changes to be made to the equipment in question or with respect to the customer’s operating procedures, it will lay out a plan detailing the specifics of such recommended changes and how they can be implemented.

Contact Information
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