Advantages of Upgrading Existing Equipment
Systems control technology is constantly advancing, and BBM engineering is committed to providing contemporary solutions appropriate to the application. This development yields great benefits to the owners of BBM equipment, as the same care that went into the original system design is applied to ensuring seamless product upgrades. Long-term users don’t have to worry about product features and control systems keeping pace with the rest of the facility, as upgrades can be accomplished with tested and proven designs. Many upgrades can be beneficial not only to extend the useful life of the equipment in question, but to also increase the performance capabilities of the equipment in question and possibly reduce its ongoing operating or maintenance costs.

Contacting a BBM Specialist
Even if the equipment you have was not originally produced by BBM you may want to contact a BBM field engineer or other product specialist in order to discuss your specific needs for upgrading your existing equipment. Where appropriate, BBM personnel can visit your facilities to make a visual inspection of your existing equipment. If you are considering whether it makes sense to upgrade any of your existing equipment, please contact us at