Macton marine cable laying turntables and cable carousels are used to lay underwater cable in the telecommunications, electric power and alternative energies, in particular, offshore wind. Sub-sea cable is manufactured in one of two ways. It is either laid in a stationary shipping basket or laid in a shipping basket placed on a turntable. If the cable is laid on a stationary basket, there is a twist put in the cable with each wrap. When the cable is laid, it has to be dispensed in the opposite rotation to take the twist out of the cable. If a turntable is used in the manufacture of undersea cable, then one must also be used when the cable is laid. Otherwise, there will be a twist imposed on the cable as it's dispensed from the shipping basket. The cable manufacturer dictates the manufacturing process.

Macton Portable Marine Turntable – Vessels and barges with permanent turntables can only serve a single purpose, and must be moved to the next job site, whether that's just down the coast or halfway around the world. The portable turntable solves this problem and provides added flexibility and cost-savings. All the contractor needs to do is rent a "vessel of opportunity" at the job location, which simply has to have adequate space on the deck for a turntable. The turntable itself is disassembled and removed from the vessel at the last job site and shipped by truck to the next job location, where it will be installed on the waiting vessel. The portability option also allows the contractor flexibility with the purchasing and renting options for a vessel. No longer does the shipping company need to buy or rent a turntable-specific vessel. Any vessel with a deck surface large enough to hold the required turntable and cable reel will be sufficient. This alternative enables the contractor to rent, buy or lease a vessel that is much less expensive.


Long-Term Reliability – All of these systems are pre-assembled and tested in our manufacturing facility to ensure that all performance criteria have been met before they are shipped out to our customers. In addition, there is a special focus in the design, engineering and fabrication of these systems to ensure that they continue to run smoothly and reliably day in and day out for the years and decades to com.

Minimal Maintenance Required – These systems require only a minimal amount of routine maintenance each year, which can be scheduled for times when the ship is not normally in operation – as a result, this minimal annual maintenance does not entail operational disruptions or expensive downtime for the servicing of this equipment.

Full Support Throughout Project – We provide full support throughout the entire project, beginning with the initial design of the system to be built, during which time our engineering staff interfaces with the project’s engineers and other professionals to provide the practical assistance and the detailed technical support needed to integrate its equipment into the overall installation.

Ease of Equipment Installation – When necessary, we provide a specially-trained field engineer or technician to supervise the initial installation, start-up and commissioning of its equipment, ensuring that it is brought on-line quickly and delivers the expected performance.

Ongoing Post-Sale Support – We also provide long-term spare parts and technical support services. Long-term service contracts are also available for periodic inspection and maintenance programs, as well as training services, as needed. In addition, we provide customers with the ability to easily upgrade their control panels, drives and other systems to ensure they reflect the latest in technology.

Standard 2 Year Warranty – Macton products are designed and manufactured to provide a high level of defect-free performance. We are proud of the experience and craftsmanship that goes into each and every product we sell. As part of its commitment to quality, we are offering a 2 year warranty on all of its products sold after March 1, 2019. Our confidence in these products has been proven and we want our customers to know we stand behind our products and the quality that goes into them.



Pie Sections – Portable turntables arrive at a job site disassembled. The wheeled base assembly and the turntable itself are manufactured in pie sections that are bolted together on the vessel or barge. The wheeled base assemblies allow for rapid leveling of the base as a whole, as opposed to leveling each individual wheel set. The number and size of the supporting wheels is determined by the diameter and load capacity of the turntable. The design of the wheel base allows the load to be equally distributed to the deck beams of the vessel.

Operator Controls– A quick disconnect on the tethered control pendent allows the system to be operated locally for system check out and startup or remotely from the control room during cable laying operations..

Capacities– Marine cable laying turntables are available with capacities in excess of 4000 metric tons.

Drive System – A drive system imposes the driving force onto the drive ring. Two tropical duty electric motors positioned 180 degrees apart power the turntable. The variable speed control of the drive system allows the operator to precisely match the turntable speed with the cable laying rate. While electric drives are typically more efficient to operate, a hydraulic drive option is also available.