Employee Training Services Available
Macton offers comprehensive training programs for both new and existing employees (i.e., initial training for new employees and recurrent training for existing employees) – this can be especially helpful for transit systems and other employers who can sometimes experience high turnover in certain employee positions (due to employees moving to new positions at that company or employees leaving that company altogether and a new replacement coming in, etc.). Macton has developed specific on-the-job training programs for equipment operators and maintenance staff, which combine the use of interactive DVD’s, written instructional materials and factory-trained instructors coming to your job sites to personally train your employees. Each program is individually tailored to the specific equipment located at your facilities and otherwise to meet the unique needs of each worksite. These training programs benefit companies by enhancing employee safety, overall productivity and equipment maintenance.

Contact Information
If you want to discuss any specific employee training needs you may have or for any other customer support inquiries, please call our Customer Service Manager, Ricardo Escobar for a free consultation at 203-267-1500 x230. You may also contact Ricardo through email at Rescobar@macton.com or via our contact page.