The Turntable Vehicle Barrier (TVB) was developed as a security device which opens and closes to allow or prevent access to secure streets and roadways. The TVB solves problems with the existing devices that were originally designed for military operations.

The TVB accepts architectural finishes, creating a device completely adaptable to blend in with its surrounding architecture. In addition, the TVB has achieved a K12 crash rating against vehicular attacks, as certified by the U.S. Department of Defense. a

In July of 2008, the Turntable Vehicle Barrier received the Silver Medal in Commercial & Industrial Products in The International Design Excellence Awards. This prestigious design competition celebrates the most innovative products of the year.


Long-Term Reliability – Macton turntables have been in service for decades and move smoothly and quietly day in and day out for years – in fact, to our knowledge, none of these systems has ever failed to operate within the specified design criteria where proper minimal maintenance was performed.

Full Support Throughout Project – We provide full support throughout the entire project, beginning with the initial design of the system to be built, during which time our engineering staff interfaces with the project’s engineers and other professionals to provide the practical assistance and the detailed technical support needed to integrate its equipment into the overall installation. This support includes providing foundational, electrical and control requirements, trim details, data for structural analysis and any other assistance the project requires.

Ease of Equipment Installation – We provide a specially-trained field engineer or technician to supervise the installation, start-up and commissioning of its equipment, ensuring that it is brought on-line quickly and delivers the expected performance.

Ongoing Post-Sale Support – We also provide long-term spare parts and technical support services. Long-term service contracts are also available at each of these installations for periodic inspection and maintenance programs, as well as training services, as needed. In addition, BBM provides customers with the ability to easily upgrade their control panels, drives and other systems to ensure they reflect the latest in technology.

Standard 2 Year Warranty – The equipment is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date it shipped from Our facility.  Accordingly, during such 2-year period, we will repair or replace any such defective parts or equipment at our cost.  If required to trouble-shoot such equipment, we will provide the services of an onsite field service engineer, and if any such defects are found to exist, we will pay the labor and travel costs of such field service engineer.  This warranty is void if the equipment is installed without supervision by a company representative.  This warranty does not cover: (i) water damage, or damage due to chemical corrosion or from dirt or debris on or around the equipment, (ii) any damage caused by improper use or accident, or from the failure to perform the recommended periodic maintenance on the equipment, (iii) normal wear and tear, (iv) portions of the equipment repaired or modified by others without BBM’s prior written approval, or (v) any additional onsite labor, tools or equipment required for the inspection, removal and reinstallation of any parts of the equipment.



Shallow Foundation – The TVB is installed in a shallow foundation, under 30" below grade. The turntable is fabricated entirely of galvanized structural steel, pre-assembled and plant tested prior to delivery.

Friction Drive Technology – No remote power units or hydraulic mechanisms are required. The turntable uses a traction drive to open and close in less than 15 seconds and sits within the turntable's foundation. Friction drive technology is incredibly reliable, drastically reducing the maintenance costs associated with hydraulic devices.

U.S. Department of Defense Certified – The turntable was tested in 2006 and certified K12/L2 by the U.S. Department of Defense. In this test, the turntable stopped a 15,000 lb truck traveling in excess of 50mph as seen in the TVB video.

Fully Customized Surface – The turntable surface can accept many types of custom finishes, from asphalt to cobblestone. The impact posts can also be fitted with architectural covers of any size and shape such as metal bollard sleeves or even walls. This flexibility gives the turntable the ability to be seamlessly incorporated into any architectural streetscape.

Acting as Project Partner – From concept through completion, We serve as a professional member of the project team. Be it a single piece of equipment or a complex system, we work closely with the team of engineers, architects or other professionals involved in the project to design an effective, economic solution. Our engineering staff provides the practical assistance and the detailed technical support needed to integrate the equipment into the overall installation. We also help plan and supervise the installation, as well as start-up and commissioning the equipment, ensuring that it is brought on-line quickly and delivers the expected performance.